The building management team at Casselden oversee an extensive recycling programme across all floors. Collection points for each waste stream are provided in several locations throughout the building.

The 8-tier Casselden Waste Management System comprises:

Organic: food scraps such as fruit, sandwiches and other items including loose leaf tea and coffee grounds. Bins for organic waste are located within each of the kitchen areas. Tissues and paper towels are not permitted in the organic stream.

Commingle: plastic containers, glass bottles or jars, milk and juice cartons, steel cans  and aluminium cans. Commingled bins are located within each of the kitchens. Paper towels are not permitted in the organic stream.

Paper and cardboard: all paper, newspapers, magazines, brochures and paper wrapping. Paper bins are located at utility points and utility rooms. Cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed neatly in the utility rooms before they can be collected for recycling.

Printer cartridges: all empty toner cartridges should be placed within specially marked boxes located in utility rooms.

Batteries: all batteries should be placed in the specially marked box at the concierge desk.

E-waste: Microwaves, old computers, keyboards, pull up banners without the carry case, can be recycled within the e waste collection point located in Basement 1.

Mobile phones: mobile phones and chargers can be placed in the specially marked recycling box at the concierge desk.

Landfill: items that cannot be recycled or composted including coffee cups and paper towels are placed in the general waste stream. This can include polystyrene, ceramics, crockery or pyrex, cling film and plastic packaging. General waste bins can be found at all utility points, kitchen areas and utility rooms.

If you have a question regarding what stream to put your waste into please contact